Commonwealth Day 2024


 On Commonwealth Day, Monday 11th March 2024, King Charles shared a heartfelt message emphasizing unity and the strength of the diverse Commonwealth family.  Some key points from his address are as follows:
The Commonwealth is like the wiring of a house, with its people, energy, and ideas serving as the current that runs through those wires.
Its strength lies in its connections, friendships, and shared ambitions for a better future.
As we celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Commonwealth, we reflect on the remarkable journey of our unique family of free and independent nations since 1949.
Each milestone, such as The Bahamas’ fiftieth anniversary of Independence and Grenada’s recent celebration, represents the fulfillment of countless aspirations and remarkable potential.
The Commonwealth continues to grow, with new members joining our family, demonstrating our collective commitment to building resilience and addressing global challenges.
Its diversity is its greatest strength, representing a third of humanity from all regions of the world.
Challenges like climate change, loss of nature, and technological shifts affect us all differently, but their seriousness unites us.
Healing and supporting each other are essential as we work together to improve our world and the lives of people everywhere.
Locally. the Lord – Lieutenant Sheriff Iona McDonald OBE relayed the same message at a flag raising ceremony and ceremonial event at the County Buildings in Ayr which was also attended by the Provost and Leader of South Ayrshire Council, Cllrs Iain Campbell and Martin Dowie.