Presentation of British Empire Medal – Mr Robert McRae

Mr McRae received his honour to recognise his hard work and diligence within Poppyscotland's fundraising team for the past 17 years. 
He recognised that the fundraising associated with the Appeal was in need of modernisation and change due to the demise of many branches of Legion Scotland. Many of them have now been replaced by Rotary Clubs who now fill the gap that they left.
Another significant change he spearheaded was the development of the volunteer Supermarket Organiser, a new role that moved away from 100 years of having a single area organiser. By 2022, this change has meant that almost 40% of the Poppy Appeal collection is raised in supermarkets as opposed to the high street and in local communities.
Without his drive enthusiasm and passion to make these changes the income that Poppyscotand would have generated over the last decade would have been very significantly less.